Oomar Shariff Mulbocus

Therapist & Behavioural Interventionist

    Oomar Shariff works as a Therapist & Behavioural Interventionist registered by the Home Office UK, managing projects on behalf of West London Initiative in the field of Countering Violence and Extremism. He delivers training and seminars around the globe from far East to far West, he has around sixteen years of experience working face to face with young and older people in different settings and areas of life.

    He has worked as a specialist and trainer with high risk, Terrorism charge Offenders and those who are gang related. He’s an international speaker and facilitator at George Marshal security studies and the European DERAD project. He is also a member of Radicalisation Awareness Network (an EU-wide umbrella of practitioners involved in countering violent radicalisation). He spoke at G7 Rome Italia conference around radicalisation, disengagement and deconstruct methods of ways to engagement with young people and
    Offenders. He was the train the trainer for London CRC- Penrose contract in London resettlement Prison, managing the resettlement programme: ‘Getting It Right’ an American thinking skills programme, which is used in US Prison by MTC.

    He has studied Islamic Theology, Arabic Language, Psychology & Counselling and Conflict Resolution, and also taken part of in an intensive study at the Al- Azhar University in Cairo Egypt on the subject of Maqaseed Al-Shariah modules. This included countering violence extremism and the study of Neo-Khawaareej (Extreme and dangerous group) methods. He is multilingual in French, Arabic and Creole.